Apr 9, 2012

For more than a century the University of Birmingham has been recognized as one of the world's leading universities for teaching quality and research. We attract students of the highest caliber from around the world and has been welcoming international students to the University for more than 100 years. For outstanding achievement award, we are pleased to offer a number of international postgraduate scholarships.

What we offer
University of Birmingham offers International Graduate Scholarship valued at £ 10,000 for the cost of tuition for one year master study program. The award is for tuition only and can not be used for maintenance / living expenses.

Who we are looking for
Applicants must have an academic background that is very good. Because the level of competition for these scholarships, applicants with only a bachelor's degree will be considered first class.

Applicants must also demonstrate excellence in areas of their lives. This might be an outstanding academic achievement, outstanding achievements in extra curricular activities (such as sports, music, event management or community) or obtained significant achievements in both their working lives or through volunteering and serving others.

Applicants also should describe the contribution they will make to the University of Birmingham as a student and what they hope to gain from studying here.

In order to apply candidates must:

be overseas for fee purposes
have applied for a one year full-time master's study program and has been issued with a student id number
not in receipt of the full cost scholarships from other sources
have made adequate financial provision for learning in the UK

Want to join
You must have made an application to study at the University of Birmingham before submitting a scholarship application.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, June 1, 2012. Applications will not be accepted if they are submitted to the University after this date.

For more information, please visit the official website: www.birmingham.ac.uk

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