Mar 28, 2013

This program aims to provide scholarships for international graduate students in the fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities in universities of TURKEY for improving science and technology cooperation and building scientific and socio-economic bridge between Turkey and their countries. Who can apply to this program: Senior undergraduate students aiming to register a master’s program with thesis MSc/MA students, at most in the third term of the program, MSc/MA students or graduated ones aiming to register a doctoral program PhD students, at most in the sixth term of the program According to the new rules of the program: In addition to PhD students, MSc/MA students will be supported. ‘Getting an acceptance from a graduate program in Turkey’ is not required. Fellows can get the acceptance and start the fellowship in one year after the announcement date of the fellowship. Age limit is changed as follows: Being at most 30-years-old for MSc students and 35-years-old for PhD students at the first date of the application year ‘Language certificate necessary for the graduate program’ is not demanded. Duration of Award Maximum durations of the scholarship are 2 years for MSc students and 4 years for PhD students, provided that the fellow is successful in his/her studies (courses) and that the supervisor states in his/her evaluation report that the candidate is making good progress. There will not be any payment for the Language Schools. Amount of Award The amount of the scholarship per-month is 1.500 Turkish Liras (TL) for MSc students and 1.800 TL for PhD students. Eligibility Being a non-Turkish citizen (people who have dual citizenship are not eligible) Being at most 30-years-old for MSc students and 35-years-old for PhD students at the first date of the application year Accepting to sign the letter of undertaking required to be a TÜBITAK scholar Application Documents Application form Photocopy of personal information part of passport Curriculum vitae and list of publications Curriculum vitae and list of publications of the supervisor Original BSc and/or MSc transcripts (If they are not in English or Turkish, officially signed translated ones must be given.) Mastery/Doctorate transcript (if any) Two recommendation letters A research plan explaining the aim, experience and background of the candidate on the proposed subject If already assigned, a brief overview of the advisor on the planned research. (signed) APPLICATION DEADLINE Period : 29 March 2013 Period : 27 September 2013 Online Application System will be accessible two weeks before the deadlines. Contact TÜBITAK-BIDEB 2215 National Fellowships Directorate Graduate Scholarship Programme for International Students Programme Officer: Duran MESE Tunus Caddesi No: 80 06100, Kavaklidere/ANKARA Tel: +90 (312) 468 53 00 / extension: 3843 E-mail:

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