Nov 20, 2013

Turkish Government offers scholarships open as wide as possible for students , and Indonesian students who want to study in Turkey . All tuition , registration fee , stipend, free accommodation given to health . Until now there are at least 100 students from Indonesia each year who study in Turkey through a scholarship program . Scholarship from the Turkish government aimed at various levels of education degree ( S1 ) and postgraduate ( s2 and s3 ) . All areas of science are offered by the universities in Turkey can be taken by students of Indonesia, for example Mathematics , engineering , agriculture , social sciences and humanities . The amount of the allowance will be accepted student per month is 500 lira ( about 2.7 million dollars ) for diploma and bachelor programs , 750 Turkish lira (about 4.1 million dollars ) and 1,000 Turkish lira (about 5.5 million dollars ) . To stay , Turkey provides free dormitory room rental for this scholarship . Course on boarding that has been provided by the campus . If you want to stay somewhere else , the cost is borne privately. Given lectures in Turkey most of the Turkish language , the foreign students are required to speak Turkish . But not to worry , by the time the scholarship selection does not have to master the Turkish language because it will be taught for a year in Turkey if passed the selection to go to university . Turkish government scholarships are open every year . The deadline for submission of scholarship for the year 2014 is not the March and May. Here are some Turkish scholarship program for S1 , S2 , S3 which can be taken by Indonesian students : Postgraduate Scholarship ( S2 and S3 ) Science scholarship : Ali Kuşçu Science and Technology Graduate Scholarship This scholarship is intended for Masters and Doctoral programs in fields of study science , engineering , and technology . For students from any country other than Turkish citizens . Social Scholarship : Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to students who cultivate the field of social sciences master's and doctoral programs . For students from any country other than Turkish citizens . Undergraduate scholarship Bosphorus Undergraduate Scholarship Program S1 is a scholarship for students who come from the country of Indonesia , Argentina , Brazil , Brunei , India , Malaysia , Thailand , Laos , Saudi Arabia , Venezuela , etc. ( except Africa ) . Intended for all undergraduate fields of study other than medical science , Islamic studies , and Turkish . Anatolian Undergraduate Scholarship Program This scholarship for non - Turkish citizens and Turkish who had completed high school education in Turkey . Field of Study Scholarships Scholarship Medical / Health : Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program This is a scholarship to study medicine program , kedoteran dental , nursing , pharmacy , and veterinary medicine for all levels : undergraduate , master's , and doctoral degrees . Turkish Language Scholarship : Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Program Given to international students who want to learn Turkish language at a university in Turkey . For international students already studying in Turkey at its own cost and need support scholarships are also available on the scholarship program Scholarship Program Support and Success Scholarship program . Turkey and the Indonesian government have formed a partnership in the field of education . Currently the number of Indonesian students in Turkey are still little , so did the number of Turkish students in Indonesia. Expected to deal education between Turkey - Indonesia will raise more number of Indonesian students studying in Turkey and vice versa . More information To find out more detailed information please dive on some of these important sites : Info Scholarship and Education in Turkey : Turkish embassy in Jakarta : FB : Website Indonesian Students Association ( PPI ) Turkey :

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