Apr 9, 2013

The Lebesgue Center offers 10000€ scholarships to up to ten outstanding mathematics students applying for a master program in mathematics in Rennes or Nantes. The stipend is 10,000 euros per year. A student applying for the first year of a master (M1) will be allowed to apply for another scholarship for the second year (M2). Foreign students will have assistance to get housing. The Lebesgue Center also provides french courses for Foreign students. The scholarship cannot be combined with any other regular remuneration. Application Registration for 2013-2014 is now open. Complete the online form and send it before June 10, 2013. Only electronic submission using the online form will be considered. Deadlines Applications for the 2012-2013 Lebesgue Master program will be closed on June 10, 2013. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process at the end of June 2013. Eligibility criteria The M1 scholarships are open to all students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics (or related) at the end of the academic year 2012-2013 and have not started a master in mathematics. The M2 scholarships are open to all students who have completed the first year of a master in mathematics (or related) at the end of the academic year 2012-13. The selection process will be based on the academic quality of the transcript and recommendation letters. Selection process The selection will be carried out by the Lebesgue Scientific Committee and the heads of the Master programs in Rennes and Nantes. PhD grant After receiving a Lebesgue Master 2 scholarship, the students are entitled to a PhD grant subject to the approval of their motivation, and provided that they obtain an overal grade of at least 14/20 at the end of the Master 2 programme. Contact Candidates can obtain further information on the following pages: Master 1 at Rennes http://etudes.univ-rennes1.fr/master-mathematiques/master1/M1 Master 1 at Nantes http://www.math.sciences.univ-nantes.fr/en/master-1mfa Master 2 at Rennes http://etudes.univ-rennes1.fr/master-mathematiques/master2/math Master 2 at Nantes http://www.math.sciences.univ-nantes.fr/en/master-2mfa

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